Arizona Daily Star features IRLabsThe Arizona Daily Star featured IRLabs in their business and technology news on Sunday, October 10, 2023.

“One of Tucson’s oldest optics companies has a new name, a new chief executive and a focus on expanding markets for its infrared instruments beyond the stars.

Infrared Labs Inc. was founded in 1967 by pioneering University of Arizona scientist Frank J. Low to commercialize his invention of a highly sensitive instrument to measure infrared radiation — helping to open up a whole new field of astronomy and foster a generation of land- and space-based infrared telescopes.

The company, now known as IRLabs, would go on to become a key supplier of infrared detectors, known as bolometers, along with required cooling devices, for many of the world’s biggest infrared observatory projects.

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By Published On: October 10th, 2023Categories: News

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