Winston Cones

Winston Cones

We offer a comprehensive selection of Winston cones in either our standard gold coated nickel or non-magnetic gold coated copper. Custom sizes can be made to meet a particular entrance/exit aperture and f#. Over 50 stock models

These condensers are designed for maximum concentration of far IR and submillimeter radiation. In side-by-side performance tests Winston cone optics offered a substantial improvement in collection efficiency compared to spherical/parabolic mirror optics when using identically shaped detectors.


A detector is placed in a shaped cavity at the rear of the cone condenser. The cavity and collector are directly coupled to form a compact system that is easily aligned and well suited to arrangement in tightly packed detector systems. The cone is constructed from nickel or copper using an additive manufacturing electroforming process, the finished product is gold-plated to enhance reflectivity and thermal cooling.


  • Concentrates incoming radiation onto a detector that is smaller than the field aperture
  • Restrict the field of view of the detector
  • Distribute the incoming energy uniformly across the detector


  • Over 50 stock models
  • Custom designs available

Download the Winston Cone brochure.

LHe Transfer Tubes

A vacuum jacketed transfer tube is required for filling LHe systems. The transfer tube is used to efficiently transport LHe from a storage dewar into the research cryostat.


  • In stock and ready to ship. Ships fully tested and ready to use.
  • Flexible design to accommodate a wide variety of storage dewars and lab setups
  • Efficient transfer to reduce consumption of expensive LHe

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