Focal plane array testing is complex and exacting. Every step of the production process must be proven and verified. Focal plane array technology grew up at roughly the same time that IRLabs was carving a niche for itself in astronomy and industry. Since 1967, IRLabs has been delivering solutions for the complicated testing processes required for focal plane arrays. For more than 50 years, we have been trusted by leading researchers in science and industry around the world.

We have the proven experience to design and manufacture your focal plane array testing instrumentation. Our engineers will work directly with you to design a system to solve your unique challenges.

Why Choose IRLabs?

  • Top Scientific Research Organizations and Industry Leaders Use IRLabs

  • Proven, Dedicated Project Engineering Team & Process

  • Experts in Cryogenic Motion Control

  • Meet Demanding Specifications

  • In-house Test and Manufacturing

  • Designs for Superior Performance

  • Designed for Ease of Use, Cleanliness and Safety

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