Our cryogen-free bolometers are designed for unattended, continuous cold operation.


  • No unexpected warmups and no need for expensive liquid helium

  • Interfaces to major spectrometers

  • Ultra low vibration

  • Noise and sensitivity on par with wet systems

  • Water or air cooled compressor



Spectral Response (µm)

Operating Temp
Electrical Sensitivity (S[V/W])Noise Equivalent Power
Frequency Response
(Optimum Chopping Frequency)
General Purpose 4.2 K Bolometer System

15 – 2000

operation to 4.2~ 2.4 X 105~ 2.5 X 10-13≤ 80 at 80Hz< 500 Hz
Hi Res 4.2K Bolometer System

15 – 500

operation to 4.2~ 6.1 X 105~ 6.5 X 10-14≤ 40 at 80Hz< 200 Hz

System Configuration

  • Three positions filter wheel or single fixed filter option

  • Standard 4.2K bolometer filter configuration
    • 13µm IR long pass filter
    • 103µm IR long pass filter
    • 285µm IR long pass filter

  • Other filter options available upon request

System Performance

  • Cool down time: 6.5 hours (under 60Hz operation)

  • 15µm-2000µm spectral range w/ HDWP window

  • Increase in noise over LHe system (6%) Drop in sensitivity over LHe system (2%)

  • Temperature sensor installed on cold plate for accurate temperature read-out

We’re happy to discuss your application, requirements, and budget to determine the right fit for your needs.