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Since 1967, IRLabs has been a leader in cryogenics and IR equipment. University of Arizona scientist Frank J. Low started Infrared Labs after devising a highly sensitive instrument to measure infrared radiation. Many scientific fields and industries have benefited from IRLabs’ innovation, including astronomy, the space program, superconductors, medicine, and more.

Since its founding, IRLabs has designed, produced, and integrated more than 4,500 IR detection and cryogenic systems for clients worldwide. Our team has the experience, application knowledge and technical proficiency to design, deliver, and support a system that works for your unique application.

IRLabs produces bolometers, photodetectors, dewars, cryostats, Winston cones, custom systems and accessories. Working hand in hand with customers, IRLabs excels at solving problems and creating custom equipment that performs to the strictest standards.

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IRLabs Designs Time-saving Automated Wafer Prober

An IRLabs client using our IREM-IV photon emission microscope at several of their chip fabs contacted us about automating probing and data acquisition for fault analysis of a wafer. After meeting with our client and understanding their requirements, we were able to complement our expertise in IR emission microscopy and fault analysis applications with lab automation and machine vision to design an automated wafer prober that can test and report in hours instead of days.