Our company was started with technology invented for the university astronomical research community and continues today with proven designs used at world-renowned observatories.


Stock & Semi-Custom Cryostats

With more than 50 years of proven expertise in supplying flexible, cost-effective standard and custom-configured cryostats, we can deliver a system for successful operation in astronomy.

Cryogenic Solutions

Proven experience to design and manufacture your scientific research instrumentation. Our engineers will work directly with you to design a system to solve your unique challenges.
Winston Cone


Precision optical, mechanical and cryo/vacuum accessories can improve the performance and accuracy of your IR detector system. We can help you choose the right one for your application.

Why Choose IRLabs?

  • Top Scientific Research Organizations and Industry Leaders Use IRLabs

  • Proven, Dedicated Project Engineering Team & Process

  • Experts in Cryogenic Motion Control

  • Meet Demanding Specifications

  • In-house Test and Manufacturing

  • Designs for Superior Performance

  • Designed for Ease of Use, Cleanliness and Safety

Cryostat Blue