Heat Swtiches

Heat Switches

A mechanical heat switch is used to control cooling power between a cold heat sink and a thermally isolated or semi-isolated stage. Adjustment of the heat switch allows control of the thermal conduction between the heat sink and the stage. Heat switches are most commonly used in conjunction with a PID loop controlled temperature sensor and heater circuit to provide precise and stable temperature control.


  • Simple manual operation
  • Precise and stable temperature control
  • Reduced cryogen consumption at elevated temperatures
Filter Wheel

Filter/Aperture Wheels

A filter/aperture wheel is used to hold and rotate optical elements within the cryogenic vacuum environment. We have several tried and true designs that can be used to fit a large range of applications. These mechanisms can be simple manual driven wheels that use an external control rod with a counter and detents or more complicated motor controlled assemblies that come with a software interface. Our filter/aperture wheels are designed to accommodate your application’s requirements for filter/aperture size, number of positions, and actuation method.


  • Solutions for all temperature ranges
  • Manual or automatic operation
  • Low thermal load