Heat Swtiches

Heat Switches

A mechanical heat switch is used to control cooling power between a cold heat sink and a thermally isolated or semi-isolated stage. Adjustment of the heat switch allows control of the thermal conduction between the heat sink and the stage. Heat switches are most commonly used in conjunction with a PID loop controlled temperature sensor and heater circuit to provide precise and stable temperature control.


  • Simple manual operation
  • Precise and stable temperature control
  • Reduced cryogen consumption at elevated temperatures

Filter/Aperture Wheels

A filter/aperture wheel is used to hold and rotate optical elements within the cryogenic vacuum environment. We have several tried and true designs that can be used to fit a large range of applications. These mechanisms can be simple manual driven wheels that use an external control rod with a counter and detents or more complicated motor controlled assemblies that come with a software interface. Our filter/aperture wheels are designed to accommodate your application’s requirements for filter/aperture size, number of positions, and actuation method.


  • Solutions for all temperature ranges
  • Manual or automatic operation
  • Low thermal load
Filter Aperture wheel Controller

Filter/Aperture Wheel Controller

The Filter/Aperture Wheel Controller provides easy filter and aperture wheel operation. Filters or apertures can be selected through the touch screen interface or by RS232 serial port. Positions can be entered and stored all through the touch screen for one touch operation. Incremental jogging is also supported.  The controller is powered from a standard 120VAC outlet and supports 2 motors, supplying both power and communication.

  • 7″ touchscreen display for manual control
  • Serial port interface for complete automated operation
  • Supports up to 2 filter wheels with 8 configurable positions
  • User inputs for varying torque, speed and backlash compensation