If your application requires unique specifications, our experienced team will work directly with you to design bolometer and IR detector options to deliver a system to meet your needs. We have designed, produced, and integrated more than 4,500 IR detection and cryogenic systems for clients worldwide.

System customization is typically in these subcomponent groups:

  • Custom Research Cryostats
    Dewars and refrigerators designed for dual sensors, proper operating temperature, optical requirements, hold times, and specific materials.

  • Cooled Optics
    Design and construction of transmitting and reflecting systems including windows, filters, beam-splitters, polarizers, Lyot stops, baffles, lenses and mirrors.

  • Electro-Mechanical Devices
    A wide variety of options are available including multi-position filter wheels/slides, stepper motor drives, cooled shutters, and temperature controlled stages.

  • Electronics
    Custom and standard configurations consisting of cooled “JFET” front ends, low noise preamps, and data acquisition systems.

  • Testing
    All detectors are fully tested and characterized. Complete test results accompany each system.

  • Design Assistance
    Technical consultation and design services are always available. In many cases these services are offered free of charge.