Improve the performance and accuracy of your IR detection system with the help of IRLabs. We got our start in infrared detection back in 1967 and have built a global reputation among industries that require reliable cryogen cooling for their operations.

Reducing thermal noise is critical for IR detection. Our expert staff can provide guidance on the optical, mechanical and cryo/vacuum accessories that can improve the performance and accuracy of your IR detection system.

Optical Accessories

  • Winston cones condense the light that passes through their large opening aperture and out through the smaller aperture at the end. We produce a full array of 50 stock Winston cones in standard gold-coated nickel or non-magnetic gold-coated copper. We can also custom design Winston cones to fit specific entrance and exit sizes and f#.
  • Far-IR filters combat reflection losses of 20%-50% that occur with materials commonly used in far-IR optics. This is accomplished by using anti-reflection coatings of polyethylene in either a single layer or multiple applications. This results in transmissions of 90% or better over selected spectral regions.
  • Vacuum windows come in a wide selection and feature a diamond powder layer or an anti-reflective protective polyethylene film. Mounted in a gold-anodized aluminum flange, our vacuum windows are designed for high performance. If you need Indium seals for high-altitude applications and windows with larger apertures we can accommodate those needs, too.
Winston Cone


  • Winston Cones
  • Far IR Filters
  • Vacuum Windows

Cryo/Vacuum Accessories

  • Heater buttons for cryogenic systems are 25 Ohms and built for up to 1 Amp current, standard for commercial temperature controls. Simple to operate, we offer both industry-standard heater buttons and customized configurations.
  • Temperature-controlled stage can be employed in nitrogen, helium and closed-cycle systems. Offering ease of operation and precision and stability typically better than +/- 0.005K over extended periods, our temperature-controlled stage can meet a wide range of requirements.
  • Pumping manifolds are used when pumping on cryogenic baths to reduce the vapor pressure and temperature of a system to control the rate of pump down. The pumping manifold ensures pump down is gradual. Our simple to operate pumping manifold reduces cryogen use and allows for operating liquid nitrogen at ~55 K and liquid helium at 1.5 K.
  • Vacuum glands allow a control shaft to be passed through the vacuum case while the system is kept cold and under vacuum. A vacuum gland provides a simple and economical method for moving devices like filter wheels and heat switches inside the dewar.
  • LHe transfer tubes with a flexible design allow use with a wide variety of storage dewars and lab setups.
  • Potted cable flange allows a cable to pass through a vacuum barrier such as a dewar wall without the use of an intermediate electrical connector. A standard O-ring hermetically seals the flange to the dewar vacuum case. All of our flanges are leak checked with a helium mass spectrometer.
  • Autofill controllers automate LN2 fills or can be used for manual fills. With an overfill sensor, audible alarm during filling, and digital touch screen, our controllers are easy to set up and use.
Heater Buttons

  • Heater Buttons
  • Temperature Controlled Stage
  • Pumping Manifold and more

Mechanical Accessories

  • Heat switches are needed to control cooling power between a cold heat sink and a thermally isolated or semi-isolated stage. Our manual heat switches give you accurate control for maintaining stable cooling. They have the added advantage of lowering the consumption of liquid cryogens at higher temperatures.
  • Filter/aperture wheels hold and rotate optical elements within the cryogenic vacuum environment. We offer both complex motor controlled assemblies that come with a software interface and simple manually driven wheels. We have wheels to meet the specifications of many various applications based on filter/aperture size, number of positions, and actuation method.
Filter Wheel

  • Heat Switches
  • Filter/Aperture Wheels