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Control Cryostat Cost

Cryostat design and manufacture are critical, but so is controlling cryostat cost. IRLabs has worked with clients around the world to deliver cryogenic systems that meet the most exacting specifications. In addition to customized cryostats, we offer cost effective standard packages to meet a range of temperature specifications.

IRLabs has more than 50 years of proven expertise in low-temperature physics, and our reputation for excellence is global. Our cryostats are trusted for successful operation in a wide variety of low-temperature applications including IR detection and imaging, focal point array testing, low-temperature physics experiments, and OEM integration.

From designing and manufacturing the complicated dewar at the heart of the Large Binocular Telescope at Mt. Graham in Arizona to retrofitting a cryo-free cryocooler for NASA’s Mid-IR Spectrometer and Imager (MIRSI), IRLabs has a proven track record.

Find the Cryostat for Your Temperature Range

Temperture chart for cryostats

Why Choose Cryostats from IRLabs?

  • Wide selection: Temperature ranges extend from mK to room temperature and available in several standard sizes

  • Cryo-free options:  Liquid cryogen dewars and mechanically cooled cryogen-free refrigerator options

  • Reduce costs:  Standard cryostat package can be used as a baseline

  • Minimize cryogenic consumption and maximize thermal conductivity: Efficient cryogen use and closed cycle cryostat options

  • Reliability: Vibration isolation enables the most vibration sensitive applications

  • Flexibility: Standard cryostats can be used for more than one specific application or test

  • Ease of operation: Time-tested ergonomic designs

  • Customizable: Custom case designs and workspaces are also available

  • Successful operation:  50 years of cryostat design and manufacturing experience for successful operation

Cryostat Blue

Selecting Liquid Cryogenic or Cryogen-Free Cooling

Cryostats are available as pour-filled liquid cryogen dewars or cryogen-free refrigerators. In general terms, dewars are passive cooling devices that contain vacuum-insulated reservoirs of LN2, LHe, or LN2 plus LHe that provide all cooling power needed in these open cycle systems. Refrigerators use mechanically refrigerated cold heads embedded in a vacuum case in a closed cycle system. Both dewar and refrigerator systems are readily adapted to many different applications.


Liquid Cryogenic Dewars

Liquid cryogen dewars are compact with no moving parts, easy to use, and have a lower initial cost. Recommended for simple, reliable operation:

  • Use LN2 and LHe
  • Simple, compact cooling solution
  • Lower cost of equipment
  • No mechanical noise and vibration
  • No bulky compressor and hoses
  • High reliability
Hybrid System

Cryogen-Free Refrigerators

Refrigerated systems are larger, more complex, and have a higher initial cost but eliminate the expense of refilling cryogens. Recommended for cost-effective, continuous unattended cold operation:

  • Uses mechanical refrigeration
  • No expensive LHe
  • Continuous operation with no refilling required
  • Reliable; no unexpected warmups
  • Acceptably low vibration in most cases

Customize to Meet Your Unique Specifications

IRLabs offers a variety of standard optical components for integration on your system.

Optical, Mechanical and Cryo/Vacuum Accessories

IRLabs offers a variety of standard optical components for integration on your system.