Cryogenics laboratories require customized equipment built to meet individual specifications. IRLabs has the proven experience to design and manufacture your scientific research or testing instrumentation. Our engineers will work directly with you to design a system to solve your unique challenges.

Top Scientific Research Organizations and Industry Leaders Use IRLabs

IRLabs has been designing and manufacturing custom cryogenic solutions for astronomical observation, scientific research, and industrial applications for over 50 years. We specialize in providing completely customized turnkey instruments integrating detector, cryogenic, electronic, and optics technology. We can also provide software development support. 

Our clients include NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, National Laboratories, NSF’s National Optical-Infrared Astronomy Research Laboratory, Teledyne Technologies and more.  

Proven, Dedicated Project Engineering Team & Process

A dedicated project engineering manager will work with you from the initial call through the design phase to production. We have a systematic, thorough and well established development process that keeps our clients informed and part of the process. With many proven designs and a highly experienced team, we have the technical proficiency to provide solutions to meet your unique research or testing requirements. 


Research Labs

FPA & IR Detector

  • Meet Demanding Specifications
    We can meet demanding cryogenic temperatures and multiple temperature zones within the same system. Our systems hold very stable temperatures, typically better than 5mK over extended time.

  • Experts in Cryogenic Motion Control
    IRLabs has extensive experience designing and integrating motorized or manually operated motion control for array stages, filter wheels, aperture wheels, and shutters into systems that operate at cryogenic temperatures.  We regularly work on telescope mounted systems.

  • In-house Test and Manufacturing
    IRLabs has facilities to support all aspects of the development, manufacturing, and testing of vacuum enclosures, cryogenic systems, and IR detectors. We invest in the precision manufacturing equipment and capabilities to fabricate, assemble, integrate, and test all manufactured assemblies. Our clean room is utilized for camera and detector assembly.

  • Designs for Superior Performance
    Over the years, we have become experts in enclosing systems to ensure there is no background light leaking into the FPA working area. We’ve experimented and developed specific anti-reflective and powdered crystal coatings to reduce stray light and reflections.

  • Designed for Ease of Use, Cleanliness and Safety
    Our systems are easy to use and provide mechanisms that protect the FPA, electronics and optics. We can give you the ability to control the rate of cooling and warm up to prevent thermal stress to FPA. Inside the system we use captured hardware and threaded inserts to prevent metal particles from being generated when screws are inserted or removed.