Cold Facts Cover Sep 2023IRLabs’ work is featured in the September 2023 issue of Cold Facts Magazine. The article describes the high-altitude cryostat we produced for the German Aerospace Center (DLR) for their OSAS-B oxygen spectrometer that was as part of Europe’s HEMERA balloon campaign.  DLR’s mission was to measure atomic oxygen in the Earth’s upper atmosphere. Atomic oxygen contributes to corrosion and deceleration of satellites in low Earth orbits and is an indicator of climate change in the upper atmosphere. Read the article starting on page 8.

Cold Facts is the magazine of the Cryogenic Society of America. CSA is a non-profit technical society serving all those interested in any phase of cryogenics, the art and science of achieving extremely low temperatures.  Chris Foster, IRLabs Director of Engineering and article author, is proud to be a member of CSA.


By Published On: September 15th, 2023Categories: News

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