IREM Systems for Semiconductor FA/Debug
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Image 90nm device. 25x Lens 4x4 Mosaic / SIL Overlay Image / SIL detail 257nm line spacing
Put 40 years of IR innovation to work in your FA lab.   Edge-on Galaxy NGC 4013 (Hubble/NICMOS)
We’ve been looking at the faintest emissions in the universe for over 40 years and working with you to look at the faintest emission in your semiconductors for 14 years. Put our expertise to work in your failure analysis lab for the highest resolution, repeatability, and reliability in Infrared Emission Microscopes.

World’s most sensitive IREM-SIL systems for FA. 
IRLabs IREM-SIL System - the worlds most sensitive InGaAS-based IREMStarting with our own industry-leading components, we design and build the world’s most sensitive InGaAs-based IREM-SIL systems.

We’re not just a system integrator -- we design and build our systems from the ground up. We control design, manufacturing, integration, and quality every step of the way.

Service to maximize your FA lab operations.
We’re here to support your FA lab operations with upgrades, system evaluations, preventative maintenance and service programs, parts and accessories to keep your IREM running at optimal performance.
Nov. 8-9, 2016:  ISTFA, Fort Worth, TX, Booth #530
History The late Frank J. Low PhD, Father of Infrared Astronomy and IRLabs Founder
Our expertise in IR technology started over 40 years ago with Dr. Frank Low, one of the 'Fathers of Infrared Astronomy'.

We transferred our expertise from space telescopes to semiconductor failure analysis with the world's first Infrared Emission Microscope, our IREM-I, in 1996.Read more...